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At Careems we take much pride at being the premier jeweller for custom designed creations. The story of your bespoke creation begins with an in-depth discussion with our highly experienced sales associates and design team who are happy to share their ideas.

Once the design and the detailed sketch for a bespoke jewellery piece has been finalized, one of our master craftsmen takes over. Firstly, the craftsman uses a combination of files, saws, gravers and pliers to patiently fashion the metal to the desired form

Once the frame is ready, the setting of the gemstones takes place. It is a skill requiring the utmost precision before a final polish with linen and cotton thread reveals the opulence of the finished jewellery. 

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I'm glad of our deal not only for the undoubtable quality and beauty of jewels also for the moments we spent together and the care you gave us. Really exquisite and trustable staff, the treatment was amazing. Our most sincere gratitude to Careems and special thanks to Anoj.

Marc Espona - Spain

Thank you @ Careems Jewellers for bringing our designs to life...

Ranshan & Dani - Sri Lanka

Good designs for the market,Development has to taken place.

Shiraz Deen - Sri Lanka

Best quality gems and jewelry. Excellent customer service.

Yasmin Lashker Khan - Sri Lanka

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