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Each high jewellery creation at Careems epitomizes extraordinary design and the impeccable virtuosity of our master craftsmen. Set with the finest of gemstones, each piece narrates its own unique story.

Blue Sapphire

Sri Lanka is the premier source for the finest Blue Sapphires. Sri Lankan Sapphires popularly referred to as “Ceylon Sapphires’ are renowned for their pure “Royal Blue’ colour and excellent brilliance       

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With its exceptional beauty, fire and brilliance as well as unrivaled durability, the Diamond is the favourite precious gemstone. At Careems all our Diamonds are ethically sourced and meet the high GIA grading standards

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Ruby with its deep red hue is the most passionate of gemstones. The Burmese “Pigeon Blood’ red rubies are the most highly prized and have become increasingly scarce. In ancient times Rubies were used as talisman for protection.

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From deep green Colombian emeralds to lush lively Zambian emaralds, each gemstone is carefully examined by the experienced team at Careems. We only select Emeralds having the best clarity with minimal inclusions.

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Sri Lanka is blessed with a wide variety of beautiful gemstones.  From the sharp striking ray of the Cat’s Eye or the dazzling unique pink-orange hue of the rare Padparadscha sapphire, the possibilities are endless! 

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